Shocking Thailand experiences you cannot miss

Ladyboys cabaret Tracy Hunter/Flickr

Ladyboys cabaret ©Tracy Hunter/Flickr

Do you find the usual holiday destinations or the common travel experiences boring? In case you do, I have a great travel tip for you. Are you ready for a shocking experience? If you want to have part of a memorable holiday, visit Thailand. Before traveling I suggest you to read the following guide. Below I will present you some shocking Thailand experiences you cannot miss. Have you heard of the ladyboys, Thai boxing or have you ever had a really “wild” Thai food? Here are some great tips relating to the previously mentioned experiences. All you have to do is to read on. I am sure that this information will come in handy during your unforgettable vacation in Thailand.

Meeting ladyboys

Have you already heard about ladyboys? Ladyboys or Katoey is the term used for a transgender, more precisely a gay male who is effeminate. For many people meeting a ladyboy can seem to be a unique experience. You can meet ladyboys actually all over Thailand, especially in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. There are popular katoey bars in these cities which attract dozens of tourists. In Pattaya you can meet ladyboys on the Walking Street. Some of Bangkok’s best ladyboy bars are the following: Calypso Bacaret, Mambo Cabaret, Casanova Bar, Cascade Bar and others.

Ladyboys cabaret Tracy Hunter/Flickr

Ladyboys cabaret ©Tracy Hunter/Flickr

Watching or learning Thai boxing

The Muay Thai or Thai boxing is worldwide famous. You’ve probably heard about it or seen it on TV. It is characterized by lethal kicks, furious punches and artful faints. But watching it on TV can not be compared with being one of the cheering crowds. Thai boxing is among the most popular sports in the country. You can see and even learn Thai boxing in several places all over Thailand. The most popular places are the following: Lumpini Stadium in Bangkok, Channel 7 Stadium in Bangkok, Ratchadamnoen Nok Stadium, Patong Muay Thai Boxing Stadium and many other locations in Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Pattaya and other cities. If you would like to learn Thai boxing, you can also do it at some camps in Phuket, Bangkok, Ko Samui and other destinations.

Thai boxing deerkoski/Flickr

Thai boxing ©deerkoski/Flickr

Tasting “wild” Thai meals

 If you want to taste some “wild” meals, Thailand is the right place for you! There are some fantastic dishes which are recommended for those with iron stomachs. If your stomach is a little bit “sensitive”, I think you shouldn’t try these dishes. Some of the most spicy and most “wild” Thai dishes are the following: Kha gai super, Som tum hoy dong, Som tum boo balad, Hoy khaeng luek and so on. The Som tum boo balad for example is a papaya salad which includes fermented crab. If you love very spicy dishes, you must taste the Som tum hoy dong. It also contains papaya, but this one is made with fermented mussels.

Kha gai super Richard Moross/Flickr

Kha gai super ©Richard Moross/Flickr

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