Popular outdoor activities in Thailand

Divers at Phuket nicwn/Flickr

Divers at Phuket ©nicwn/Flickr

Thailand is big enough for finding a place for practicing almost every type of outdoor activity. This fantastic country offers numerous possibilities for practicing different sports and other activities. From snorkeling and diving to surfing, from longboarding to sea-canoeing, from rock-climbing to safaris, tourists can practice numerous fantastic outdoor activities. In case you are planning a visit to Thailand and you are that kind of an active tourist, I recommend you to read the following guide before traveling. Below I will present you the most popular outdoor activities in Thailand, respective the regions where these activities are the most common.

Scuba diving and snorkeling

Scuba diving and snorkeling are extremely popular outdoor activities in Thailand, as there are numerous islands along the coasts surrounded by gorgeous coral reefs. The island of Ko Tao is one of the continent’s best scuba diving spot. The Similan Islands and the also attract the lovers of this sport.

One of the most recent hot spots for scuba diving is Ko Lipe. It is a quite small unspoilt island, with breathtaking coral reefs and stunning beaches. Snorkeling is also popular in the country. It can be practiced at almost every beach. Coral reefs of the Similan Islands stand out as particularly popular.

Divers at Phuket nicwn/Flickr

Divers at Phuket ©nicwn/Flickr


Although Thailand is not the ultimate paradise for surfers, there are some quite fine spots here for practicing this sport. Surfing is not as popular as the previously mentioned activities, but there are some places where you can get a bit of it. The waves are usually small, but those willing to learn surfing will find the best places here.

The west coast of Phuket and Khao Lak are two of the best spots for practicing this sport. Longboarding is also popular in these places. A less-known place, Ko Kradang offers the best waves for surfing. Ko Samui and Rayong are also popular for surfers.


As Thailand is world famous for its breathtaking limestone cliffs along its coasts, it is obvious that rock-climbing is also a popular activity here. If you are looking for some of the world’s best limestone cliffs for practicing this sport, Rai Leh is the perfect place to go. Rai Leh or commonly known as Railay Beach is an extremely popular destination of Thailand. There are guided rock-climbing tours here which surely give you an unforgettable experience.

Limestone cliffs at Phuket edwin.11/Flickr

Limestone cliffs at Phuket ©edwin.11/Flickr

Taking part on wildlife safaris

Wildlife of Thailand is extremely colorful. From elephants to tigers, from monkeys to birds and even crocodiles, there are several species to admire in Thailand. In case you are a nature-lover, this country is the perfect place to go. You will find elephant camps and parks, crocodile farms and great bird-watching spots here.

Phuket elephant trekking coolinsights/Flickr

Phuket elephant trekking ©coolinsights/Flickr





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