Peak season in Thailand

Crowded beach at Phuket ©Vasenka/Flickr

If the crowds bother you during your holiday, I suggest you to skip the peak seasons! In case you love to socialize during your vacation and you are looking for the crowds, high season is the perfect time to travel. In both cases you have to find out when is the peak season in the visited country. The high seasons are usually during the temperate summer months (June, July and August), but in some countries summer lasts from November to January. So is Thailand, too. If you are visiting Thailand on your next holiday, there are some things you should consider before traveling. When is it peak season in Thailand, how is the weather like and is it crowded? Read on to find out the answers.

When is it peak season?

As in the major part of Thailand peak season starts in November and ends in January, this is the best time to visit it if you are looking for good weather and crowds. In case you would like to avoid the crowded beaches and cities, plan your vacation before or after this period. There are some resorts and hotels which tend to “expand” the peak season even further, starting it in early November and ending in April. It is more of a marketing technique than the real expansion of the normal high season. If you are planning to visit cities or historic monuments, Buddhist temples or historical parks, the weather is not the most important factor when deciding the date of your journey. But if you would like to lye on the gorgeous beaches of Thailand, it is very important to travel during the period between November and January. Everything depends on what you are looking for.

Crowded beach at Phuket ©Vasenka/Flickr

Is it crowded?

Yes, it is crowded in the most popular tourist destinations like Phuket, Krabi, Koh Phi Phi, Samui, Hua Hin or Pha Ngan. Peak season in Thailand (November to January) is considered the most attractive period for tourists. But the crowds are not unbearable at all. If you would still like to avoid crowded places, choose some less popular beaches or destinations. I guarantee you will still have a great time.

Crowded beach at Bangkok ©smalljude/Flickr

How is the weather like?

In most parts of Thailand peak season is characterized by hot and humid weather. These parts do not include Phuket and Bangkok. The weather is excellent in these parts during high season. Days are sunny enough to lye on the beaches, but evenings are cool enough to enjoy walks or shopping tours.

Less crowded beach at Ko Samui ©JSolomon/Flickr

Is peak season expensive?

I have bad news: the answer is “yes”. So, if you would like to travel on a low budget, I am afraid you will have to avoid high season. As Christmas and New Year’s Eve both are included in Thailand’s peak season, this fact adds extra cost to the journey, because the flights are more expensive during the winter holidays.


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