One of Thailand’s most attractive islands, Ko Samet

Ko Samet beach ©lanz/Flickr

One of Thailand’s most attractive islands, Ko Samet is a fantastic tourist destination. It attracts dozens of visitors every year. The island lies on the Gulf of Thailand, belonging administratively to the province of Rayong. Ko Samet is very popular among both foreign visitor and residents of Bangkok who visit the island due to its fantastic beaches and bays, gorgeous coral reefs, vibrant nightlife and fantastic events. Do you find this introduction convincing? Or are you planning a journey to Ko Samet? If you would like to find out more about the island’s highlights, nightlife, activities and events I suggest you to read the following guide before traveling.


Of course, the main highlights of the island are the gorgeous beaches hiding in breathtaking small bays. Hat Sai Kaeo is considered one of the island’s most beautiful and most popular beaches. Its name means Crystal Sand Beach and it is a 1 km long breathtaking beach. The beach is extremely popular among visitors, attracting the tourists with the numerous options of practicing great activities, including jet skiing, riding on banana boats, windsurfing and partying at night. There are also fantastic fire shows for the entertainment of tourists. Other magnificent beaches are Ao Phai, Ao Wong Duean, Ao Karang and so on. Choosing any of these will surely satisfy your preferences.

Ko Samet beach ©lanz/Flickr


As I already mentioned it, the nightlife is buzzing and popular. There are great beer bars at every beach. Hat Sai Kaeo Beach also presents hostesses and there are fantastic fire shows dedicated to tourists. The parties on this beach are among the best ones.

Meramid and prince statues at Ko Samet ©letsgoeverywhere/Flickr

Things to do

There are numerous options for practicing outdoor activities on the island. If you prefer peaceful atmosphere, lying on the beach, swimming and sunbathing, you can do it at every beach. Besides, snorkeling, diving, jet skiing, windsurfing and fishing are also available. Ko Samet is very popular among snorkelers and divers due to the beautiful coral reefs surrounding the island. Tiger sharks, turtles and manta rays are some of the most common sea creatures here. Snorkeling tours around the entire island are also available for visitors and scuba diving excursions are organized at Vong Duang.

Ao Phai Beach, Koh Samet ©


The deluge of the fantastic events and festivals attract a large number of visitors every year. Among the best events held on Ko Samet are the following: Rayong Fruit Festival, Changing the robe for Phra Chedi Klang Nam and Thot Pha Pa Klang Nam. Rayong Fruit Festival is very popular for visitors. Tourists have the occasion to admire floats decorated with fruits, beauty contests, fruit contests, fruit fairs and so on.



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