Medical tourism in Bangkok

Bangkok hospital room Kyle Taylor, Dream It. Do It./Flickr

Bangkok hospital room ©Kyle Taylor, Dream It. Do It./Flickr

Medical tourism is becoming a more and more popular type of tourism all over the world. Dozens of countries offer excellent medical services and treatments. Asian countries are among the leading ones offering medical services. Thailand makes no exception. A considerable number of tourists travel to Thailand for attaining medical services. The number of travelers combining travel with treatments is increasing. Therefore, the market is increasing, too. Bangkok is a leading city in offering medical services. If you would also like to attain medical services, but you consider that the waiting lists in developed countries are too long, I recommend you to visit Bangkok.

Medical tourism in Thailand

In 2010 more than 89% of medical tourists travelled to three Asian countries, including India, Thailand and Singapore of which Singapore and Bangkok were the leading destinations. The prices of treatments and hotel rooms in Singapore are way more expensive than prices in Bangkok, making the city the world’s most popular destination for medical tourism.

Thus, medical tourism in Thailand is one of the leading types of tourism. Besides the fantastic cultural attractions and gorgeous beaches of the country, medical treatments are also some great tourist “attractions”.

Bangkok hospital room Kyle Taylor, Dream It. Do It./Flickr

Bangkok hospital room ©Kyle Taylor, Dream It. Do It./Flickr

The rise of medical tourism in Bangkok

As Bangkok is famous for its excellent services, it is not surprising that medical tourism has developed quickly in the Thai capital city. Many factors helped the rise of medical tourism in Bangkok. Hotel rooms are reasonably priced, 30-days visas are accessible for many nationalities, the Suvarnabhumi Airport is served by numerous airlines from around the world and the prices of treatments are acceptable.

Besides, two of Bangkok’s hospitals, Bumrungrad and Samitivej were among the first ones in Southeast Asia to get Western accreditation. Bangkok’s hospitals are of some of the world’s highest quality. Besides, the hospitals have translators for 22 languages, easing the communication between patients and doctors. Some of the most popular medical treatments include dental work, cosmetic surgery and dermatology.

Bangkok hospital smalljude/Flickr

Bangkok hospital ©smalljude/Flickr

Medical tourism in numbers

Even after the floods of 2011, about 19 million tourists travelled to Thailand in that year. This means a 20% jump from 2010. An estimated number of 500,000 tourists were visiting the country specifically for medical treatments.

This type of tourism in Thailand is growing at a significant yearly rate of 16%. This means that medical tourism makes up 0.4% of the country’s GDP. As you can see, medical tourism makes an important part of Thailand’s economy, dragging numerous tourists to the country.

Inner court of a Bangkok hospital smalljude/Flickr

Inner court of a Bangkok hospital ©smalljude/Flickr



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