Get the best accommodation in Thailand

Overwater bungalow, photo by mick62/Flickr

Thailand is a place of wonders, unique and spectacular attractions, luxurious holidays and honeymoons, amazing natural beauty, wonderful beaches and traditional, delicious food. If you would like to spend an unforgettable holiday, you can’t go wrong with this amazing country. In Thailand there are some fantastic and luxurious accommodation possibilities which can not be found in any country. These are spectacular overwater villas, hotels and bungalows. Spending a night in one of these is surely a memorable experience. Of course, it can not be called a budget accommodation, so keep this in mind. If you decide to spend a couple of nights in an overwater villa, bungalow or hotel, this article may come in handy. Read on to find the best accommodation in Thailand.


Sheraton Grande Laguna


There are spectacular bungalows in Phuket, nestled over beautiful stretches of beaches and lagoons which make the resort one of the best resorts for overwater bungalows. These bungalows offer accommodations that allow you to fully enjoy an island getaway experience. The rooms are perched above crystal clear water where a dip in the sea is literally outside your door. Offering luxurious and comfortable accommodation, these bungalows will surely make you feel like you sleep in nature. One of the best resorts on Phuket island is Sheraton Grande Laguna which is a five-star resort. Its services include among others spa and golf courses. Perched over water on stilts, this resort is surely the perfect honeymoon location for couples.


Overwater bungalow, photo by mick62/Flickr


Angsana Grande Laguna


The spectacular resort of Angsana Grande Laguna can be also found in Phuket, on the northwest coast of the island. The resort offers luxurious accommodation with superb two-story villas. It offers the following features: outdoor swimming pools and showers, snorkeling or scuba diving, kayaking, sailing lessons, tennis courts, a fitness centre, spa services and so on. There are also fantastic restaurants and bars in the resort, such as the Poolside Restaurant and Bar or the Birds of Paradise Restaurant. The sunken Jacuzzi tub and the modern wet bar are just some of the room features. Angsana Grande Laguna’s overwater villas are perfect for honeymooners and couples, making their holiday unforgettable.


Koh Samui – KC Resort


Located in Koh Samui, KC Resort and Overwater Villas are perched on the hillside of northern Chaweng Beach, overlooking the Gulf of Siam. The resort offers panoramic views over the breathtaking Chaweng Bay. Built on stilts above the crystal aquamarine pool, these villas are situated about 300 meters from the sandy beaches of Chaweng Beach. Besides the 76 superb rooms and suites of the resort, there are 16 stunning overwater villas, all set in a lush landscape dominated by palm trees and beautiful gardens. The villas’ features include among others double-seat Jacuzzis, Blitz Rain Showers, acupressure jets and light therapy systems.


Overwater accommodation, photo by Simon_sees/Flickr



Elephant Hills Tented Jungle Camp


This resort is different of the previous three. Located in the heart of Khao Sok National Park, Elephant Hills is Thailand’s first luxury tented jungle camp. Set in two locations, the tents are situated above lakes. The original camp offers 30 tents and the new addition of the Rainforest Camp is set on a floating platform, with 10 tents and only reachable by boat, on the Cheow Larn Lake. The tents are very comfortable, although rustic in comparison with a hotel room. A wide variety of activities are offered by the camp such as feeding and washing the elephants, as well as jungle trekking, a canoe ride on the Sok River or cruising and kayaking on the lake. It is the perfect remote holiday for everyone.

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