Explore the fantastic Tarutao National Park

Koh Lipe island’s coast ©en.wikipedia.org

The astonishing Tarutao National Park is a marine park which consists of 51 spectacular islands (all of them uninhabited). Situated in the Andaman Sea, in the southern part of Thailand, the fantastic national park is an amazing visitor attraction. The archipelago consists of two major groups of islands: Adang-Rawi and Tarutao. The total area of the marine park is almost 1.500 km². The virgin nature and islands attract dozens of visitors who are lovers of nature, sun and sand, snorkelers and so on. If you would like to explore the fantastic Tarutao National Park, this article is the right source of information for you! I suggest you to read it before traveling.

Adang-Rawi archipelago

There are totally nine major islands in the Tarutao archipelago. Adang-Rawi contains five of there major islands: Ko Adang, Ko Rawi, Ko Butang, Ko Lipe and Ko Lek. The most significant for tourism is Ko Lipe, the smallest island of Adang-Rawi. The white, soft sand and crystal clear waters are extremely attractive for visitors. There are three major beaches on the island: Sunrise beach, Sunset beach and Pattaya beach. Ko Lipe offers great sites for scuba diving and snorkeling. The second biggest island of the marine park is Ko Adang. It is also a gorgeous island. The beaches are not as good as at Ko Lipe, but there are fantastic coral reefs surrounding the island. As for the flora of the island, there is lush jungle covering the center of it.

Koh Lipe island’s coast ©en.wikipedia.org

Tarutao archipelago

The largest island of the marine park is Ko Tarutao. The island’s major part is covered by dense jungle and the terrain is mountainous. Besides the jungle, there are beautiful mangrove forests along the coast. The attractiveness of the island is raised by the existence of huge limestone cliffs in the waters near the shores. The major beach is Ao Son beach. The 4 km long beach is fantastic with soft white sand and warm waters. Ko Tarutao is considered one of Thailand’s most unspoiled islands.

West dock of Ko Tarutao ©en.wikipedia.org

Flora and fauna

The amazing national marine park’s flora is dominated by lush jungle and mangrove forests which offer habitat for a large variety of animals. The most common are the wild pig, the crab-eating macaques and the lemurs. There are hundreds of species of colorful birds living on the islands, including white-bellied sea eagles, hornbills, frigate birds, reef egrets and others. Almost 25% of the world’s tropical fish species can be found in the waters surrounding the islands. Other bigger marine animals are turtles, dolphins, sperm whales, dugongs and so on.

Crab-eating macaque ©beggs/Flickr



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