Discover Thailand’s hidden gems

Koh Jum Madeleine_H/Flickr

Koh Jum ©Madeleine_H/Flickr

If you’ve already visited Thailand’s main attractions and this time you are looking for some less-known jewels, the following guide is a must-read for you. Thailand is a world renowned tourist destination, being home to some majestic destinations and attractions. Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Koh Phi Phi, Ayutthaya, Koh Chang and Koh Samui are just some of the most attractive tourist destinations of the country.

Besides the major and best-known destinations, Thailand is also home to some hidden treasures. If you’ve already visited the main sights of the country, I recommend you to discover Thailand’s hidden gems on your next journey. These include the Khao Sok National Park, Koh Jum, the Trang Islands, Hua Hin and Koh Tao.

The Khao Sok National Park

With no doubt one of the most beautiful hidden gems of Thailand is the Khao Sok National Park. It lies within the oldest evergreen rainforest of the world, being surrounded by immense limestone cliffs. The picturesque setting makes it extremely attractive among visitors. You will find the park on the mainland between Krabi, Koh Samui and Phuket.

Khao Sok National Park TravelandCharity/Flickr

Khao Sok National Park ©TravelandCharity/Flickr

Koh Jum

Located in Krabi Province, Koh Jum is a less-known tourist destination. The island is a majestic place to visit. If you would like to skip the tourist crowds and you are looking for excellent beaches, Koh Jum is the ideal destination for you. Swim in the crystal clear waters, take walks along the coastline and get some rest in one of the guesthouses lining along the beach.

Koh Jum Madeleine_H/Flickr

Koh Jum ©Madeleine_H/Flickr

The Trang Islands

Some of the most breathtaking beaches in Thailand can be found on the Trang Islands. Trang can be found near Krabi, in southern Thailand. In case you are looking for secluded beaches and picturesque sceneries, Trang is the ideal destination for you. Besides the gorgeous beaches, you’ll find breathtaking lagoons, caves and waterfalls. Trang is with no doubt one of the most beautiful hidden gem of Thailand.

Hua Hin

Although a hidden beach, Hua Hin is a popular tourist destination of Thailand. It is a real hidden gem of the country. Hua Hin is an ideal destination for those looking for sunny beaches with no tourist crowds. Besides, there are a lot of activities offered to the tourists, including water sports or excursion to nearby waterfalls and caves. A great thing about Hua Hin is that it can be found about a 3-hours drive from Bangkok.

Koh Tao

Koh Tao literally means “Turtle Island”. The name comes for its shape. Although hidden, the Turtle Island has some breathtaking beaches. Yet, the best reason to visit the island lies underwater. Koh Tao is a real paradise for the lovers of diving and snorkeling. The underwater life in the surrounding waters is colorful and abundant. If you’re looking for great dive spots and excellent beaches, visit the gorgeous Turtle Island!

Koh Tao Jelle Oostrom/Flickr

Koh Tao ©Jelle Oostrom/Flickr


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