Chiang Mai’s best shopping spots

Chiang Mai Night Market, photo by avlxyz/Flickr

Chiang Mai is one of Thailand’s most popular cities among tourists. It is the capital city of the province with the same name. The outstanding city attracts more than 5 million visitors every year which is not surprising if we think of the deluge of the spectacular attractions. There are numerous Buddhist temples in Chiang Mai, not to mention the fantastic museums and the nearby natural attractions. Besides the tourist attractions, there are also several great shopping spots in the city. For those who would like to purchase souvenirs or gifts, Chiang Mai has numerous shops on offer. Read on to find out which are the best shopping spots of the gorgeous city.

Central Airport Plaza

Many people consider the plaza the best modern shopping spot of the city. It is very popular among local people and tourists at the same time. If you are searching for great international brands, you are in the right place. Besides the international brands, there are fantastic souvenirs on offer on the second floor. In spite of being high quality products, the souvenirs are offered on proper prices. Among the souvenirs are fine silks and fantastic clothes.

Chiang Mai Central Airport Plaza, photo by KamrenB Photography/Flickr

Chiang Mai

It is also a popular shop within the city. Chiang Mai shop offers outstanding souvenirs, jewelry and clothes. The shop includes the following products: fantastic cotton T-shirts for those who love to buy clothes on their holiday, outstanding bead and silver jewelry for ladies and a large variety of accessories for everyone. You will surely find something that suits your preference.

Chiang Mai temple, photo by Christian Haugen/Flickr

Chiang Mai Night Market

If you would like to visit a typical Thai market, Chiang Mai Night Market is the perfect place to go. There is always fresh food on offer and the variety of food is amazing. The market is very popular among local people due to the fantastic takeaway Thai foods. It is also popular for being open until midnight.

Chiang Mai Night Market, photo by avlxyz/Flickr

Sop Moei Arts

Do you prefer to buy hill tribe crafts? Well, if the answer is “yes”, Sop Moei Arts is the perfect shop for you. There are fantastic textiles on offer, such as table clothes, cushion covers and so on. The products are original, made by the Pwo Karen tribe. What can be a more original souvenir than a hill tribe craft?


Thai silk is worldwide famous. If you would like to buy outstanding silk or silk products, go to Srisanpanmai. The silk on offer is made by using the traditional processes. If you buy great souvenirs for your friends or family members, you surely can’t go wrong with Thai silk products.


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