Best Thai massage centers in Bangkok

Health Land, Bangkok Charles Haynes/Flickr

Health Land, Bangkok ©Charles Haynes/Flickr

You surely know that Thai massage is extremely famous. It is a type of massage practiced all around the world. There are numerous Thai massage centers in Thailand, thus in Bangkok, too. Bangkok is a premier tourist destination. It is a leading business and commercial center, being also home to numerous unique sights. The immense city is a great destination, dragging numerous tourists each year. If you would also like to visit Bangkok, I recommend you to read my guide below. After exhausting sightseeing tours you may consider going to a Thai massage center would be a great activity. Therefore I will present you the best Thai massage centers of Bangkok.

Health Land

One of the best Thai massage centers of Bangkok is the one named Health Land. From the outside the building looks like a retro mansion and inside it’s like a hospital. Local people consider Health Land as the number one massage center of Bangkok.

All the facilities are of high quality. A two-hour massage costs only 500 baht. Besides Thai massage, the center also offers other treatments, too, including reflexology, spa Jacuzzi, body polish and so on. The staff offers excellent treatments, you’ll just have to enjoy the massage. It is important to mention that Health Land offers three different centers in three locations.

Health Land, Bangkok Charles Haynes/Flickr

Health Land, Bangkok ©Charles Haynes/Flickr

Wat Pho

Considered to be the home of traditional Thai massage, the fantastic massage center housed in the temple of Wat Pho is open daily from 8:00 to 18:00. (December 2013) Massage skills have been preserved here for centuries. You will be in really good hands at Wat Pho.

I suggest you to make a reservation in time because the center can get very busy during midday. They also have a school so that you can even get some new skills. A one-hour massage costs 420 baht, but it’s worth the price. After the massage you can also visit the temple.

Thai massage stefanedberg/Flickr

Thai massage ©stefanedberg/Flickr

Massage by the Blind

They say that blind masseurs are more in tune with the body than anyone else. This is a great opportunity for blind people who look for employment in Bangkok. The massage is extremely cheap, yet of great help here. A one-hour massage costs only 200 baht. The Massage by the Blind is open every day from 9:00 to 20:00 (December 2013) so even if you have just a little time in the evening hours, you’ll find this center open. The masseurs are very friendly and will surely make you soon relax.

Asia Herb Association

Last, but not least famous is the Asia Herb Association. Just like Health Land, it also has three locations in the city. It is popular among both locals and tourists. Don’t forget to make a reservation. A good thing is that receptionists do speak English. Thai massage costs 400 baht for 60 minutes.

Thai massage thomaswanhoff/Flickr

Thai massage ©thomaswanhoff/Flickr




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