Best floating markets around Bangkok

Floating market in Thailand wongaboo/Flickr

Floating market in Thailand ©wongaboo/Flickr

Almost every first-time traveler to Bangkok has the idea of visiting a floating market in the city’s surrounding area. Unfortunately the large majority of tourists change their minds due to the distance between the city and the floating markets or due to the price of a tour. Besides, if they want to take part on such a tour, they have to wake up at 5:00 and most of the tourists sleep a lot during their holiday.

But the experience of exploring a unique floating market is worth waking up early and paying the price of a tour.  There are several floating markets around Bangkok, the closest one being located at about 12 km of the Siam Paragon. In case you are interested in the best floating markets around Bangkok, read the following guide.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Damnoen Saduak has been long considered to be the best-known floating market of Thailand. It is also considered to be the most touristy one. The market is immense, lively and packed of boats selling fresh fruits and food. The only disadvantage of this floating market is the distance, as it is located about 100 km of Bangkok. You have to wake up early, at 5:00.

Floating market in Thailand wongaboo/Flickr

Floating market in Thailand ©wongaboo/Flickr

Talin Chan Floating Market

Located about 12 km of Bangkok, Talin Chan Floating Market is one of the best floating markets around Bangkok. It is open all day and it’s very attractive among tourists. A large local market is also attached to it. There are small longtail-boat cruises which take you around the market. You will find everything on the market. Exploring it is surely a great experience.

Amphawa Floating Market

The second most popular floating market around Bangkok is the Amphawa Floating Market. Unfortunately it is located about 90 km of Bangkok. It is lively and cute. You will find great souvenirs, sweets and food here. There are numerous tiny wooden houses here, lined along the canal. You don’t have to get there early. If you arrive around 9:00, you can still beat the crowd.

Floating market Hanumann/Flickr

Floating market ©Hanumann/Flickr

Bang Nam Pheung Floating Market

A small, but lively floating market around Bangkok is the Bang Nam Pheung Floating Market. It is located about 20 km of Bangkok. A taxi might be the only way to get to the market. In spite of being a small market, the food products are very colorful. It is located within an untouched natural sanctuary named the “Lung of Bangkok”.

Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market

If you are looking for an authentic market which is not so touristy, the Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market is the place to go. You’ll find here all kind of fruits and sweets. It is located no more than 20 km of Bangkok, which makes it very attractive.

Bangkok floating market coolinsights/Flickr

Selling food at floating market ©coolinsights/Flickr


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