A guide to nightlife in Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan, photo by Fabio Achilli on Flickr

Beautiful sandy beaches, blue waters, sunshine, coconut trees and some of the biggest, craziest parties this side of the equator – that is some of the simplest ways to describe the essence of Koh Phangan. Of course, this Thai island is much more than that: there is culture, cuisine and natural wonders among the many attractions of Koh Phangan, but the majority of the travelers who end up on the island come for the nightlife. The (in)famous full-moon parties that take place once a month in Koh Phangan are only the tip of the iceberg, however. If you come to the island with parties on your mind, then you won’t have to limit yourself to going wild only once a month; and here’s a guide to nightlife in Koh Phangan to whet your appetite.

Haad Rin

Full Moon Pary, photo by yotut on Flickr

Haad Rin small town is most famous for its monthly Full Moon party which makes it an irresistible magnet for backpackers and young people who like to party. There are two beaches in Haad Rin: Sunrise Beach and Sunset Beach, with the party taking place on Sunrise beach. Although the party started out in the 80’s as nothing more than a wooden disco for a handful of people, now more than 20,000 people attend the parties.  Haad Rin is quite a lively place even when the full moon party is over, because there are countless beach-front bars and pubs where you can drink and dance all year round. Cactus Bar, Drop Inn Bar, Mellow Mountain and Vinyl Club are very popular with tourists

Club 9 In Haad Rin is the most popular indoor party venue on the island, as well as the largest. The club is very close to the Full Moon party beach, and the type of entertainment it offers is very similar, except that you can enjoy it any evening of the month. The music is also more varied than on the beach party scene, and internationally known DJ-s have been known to perform at Club 9.

Sheesha Bar, Chalok Lam

photo by Dave_B_ on Flickr

If the bar scene on Haad Rin is grungy, Sheesha Bar in the small fishing village of Chalok Lam is quite different, and rather more upscale. The decor was obviously not neglected, and the sandstone and wood design fits with the stylish hotel just across the street (they have the same owners). If you want to swap cheap beer for something more expensive, then you should drop by Sheesha Bar.

Eagle Pub, Haad Yao

What sets apart Eagle Pub from all the other clubs and bar at Haad Yao is the fact that it is set up on the rock face, and it has a unique decor: the walls and even the ceiling are decorated with neon graffiti left behind by the guests. At night, the bar looks more eye-catching than anything you’ve seen before!

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