5 historical sights in Thailand you must see

Sukhothai ruins Mikel Lizarralde/Flickr

Sukhothai ruins ©Mikel Lizarralde/Flickr

The fantastic Kingdom of Thailand is proud of its long and rich history which dates back thousands of years, even back to prehistoric times. Due to the fact that numerous Kingdoms and empires have ruled Thailand, several impressive historical sights and landmarks are left behind in the country. These sights (less or more ruined) are open for visitors.

Numerous archeological sites provide evidence of first human settlement from the Neolithic age. If you are interested in history or in visiting historical sights, I recommend you not to miss Ban Chiang, the Ayutthaya Historical Park, the Sukhothai Historical Park, Phanom Rung and Phimai. These make the best 5 historical sights of Thailand you must see.

Ban Chiang

Located in Udon Thani Province, the archeological site of Ban Chiang is one of the best-known prehistorical sights of Thailand. It is famous for its beautiful ceramic pottery found there. Ban Chiang was inhabited for about 2,000 years. The prehistoric village and burial site is a famous visitor attraction today. There is also a museum at Ban Chiang. You can visit the site Tuesday to Sunday from 8:30 to 16:30. (January 2014)

Ayutthaya Historical Park

As one of the most famous historical parks of Thailand, the amazing Ayutthaya Historical Park is a must-visit for everyone. The ancient city of Ayutthaya used to be once one of the richest cities of the world. Today the ruins of the ancient city are protected by a fantastic national park which is open for visitors. The UNESCO World Heritage Site contains a number of wonderful temples of various styles.

Ayutthaya Historical Park tazlambert/Flickr

Ayutthaya Historical Park ©tazlambert/Flickr

Sukhothai Historical Park

The first independent Thai Kingdom was Sukhothai. The ruins of the ancient capital of the Kingdom are protected today by a historical park. Including a number of impressive landmarks, Sukhothai is one of the most attractive historical sights of Thailand. The astonishing historical park can be visited daily from 8:30 until 18:00. (January 2014)

Sukhothai ruins Mikel Lizarralde/Flickr

Sukhothai ruins ©Mikel Lizarralde/Flickr

Phanom Rung Historical Park

If you are interested in Khmer sights, I recommend you to visit the fantastic Phanom Rung. The Khmer temples protected by the Phanom Rung Historical Park are considered to be the most impressive of their kind in Thailand. Also known as Prasat Hin, the historical park is very attractive among tourists. The historical park is open from 6:00 until 18:00. (January 2014)

Phimai Historical Park

Last, but not least important is the Phimai Historical Park. As one of the most significant historical sights of Thailand, Phimai contains one of the most impressive Khmer temple ruins in Thailand. The immense park presents 11th– and 12th-century structures. The amazing Phimai Historical Park can be visited daily from 8:00 until 18:00. (January 2014)

Phimai Historical Park Arian Zwegers/Flickr

Phimai Historical Park ©Arian Zwegers/Flickr


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