5 cool sights in Bangkok

Flower Market, Bangkok Irene2005/Flickr

Flower Market, Bangkok ©Irene2005/Flickr

Visitors of the famous (and infamous) Bangkok have no shortage of visitor attractions and landmarks. This amazing city is home to numerous sights, including ancient Buddhist temples, notorious districts, open spaces, fantastic shopping malls, museums and reputable restaurants. If you are looking for some special sights instead of the usual ones, here are some unique attractions for you! To find out which are these, I recommend you to read the following guide. I will present you 5 cool sights of Bangkok, including the Siriraj Medical Museum, the Wang Lang Food Market, the Sub-Zero Ice Skate Club, the Batcat Toy Museum and the Pak Khlon Talat (Flower Market).

The Siriraj Medical Museum

Absolutely one of the weirdest attractions of Bangkok is the fantastic and unique Siriraj Medical Museum also known as the Museum of Death. It is housed in the Siriraj Hospital Complex (of which it got its name) and includes some very weird exhibitions like human organs depicting disorders and different diseases, body parts and mummified remains. Though weird, the exhibition is very informative and attracts numerous visitors.

Siriraj Hospital *liane*/Flickr

Siriraj Hospital ©*liane*/Flickr

The Wang Lang Food Market

If you love Thai cuisine, go and tour the Wang Lang Food Market. Bangkok is famous for its street food stalls. This market is among the best-known places to experience street food. The food is good and cheap. This market is absolutely a cool sight to explore in Bangkok. You will also have the occasion to get in touch with local people.

The Sub-Zero Ice Skate Club

The famous Sub-Zero Ice Skate Club can be found in Ekkamai, on the Esplanade Mall’s fourth floor. Sub-Zero provides a real slice of cold weather. By the evening the club turns into a fantastic night club with a team of performing figure skaters and DJs. If you would like to have fun at a real cool place, I recommend you to choose this great club! You will surely have a great time here!

The Batcat Toy Museum

Another weird and cool sight of Bangkok is the Batcat Toy Museum. The museum presents a great collection of action figures, entertainment merchandise and toys, being considered the largest toy museum of the entire country. Doesn’t it sound cool? In case you love action figures like Spiderman, Iron Man, Captain America or Batman, this sight is a must for you.

Miniature Batman toy puuikibeach/Flickr

Miniature Batman toy ©puuikibeach/Flickr

Pak Khlon Talat (Flower Market)

Last, but not least attractive is the amazing Flower Market of Bangkok, Pak Khlon Talat. Head down the beautiful Chao Phraya River by ferry and explore the breathtaking flowers of this blooming market. The market is the most active by early morning when huge trucks full of flowers arrive here from all around the country. Don’t miss it!

Flower Market, Bangkok Irene2005/Flickr

Flower Market, Bangkok ©Irene2005/Flickr


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