5 cheap things to buy in Thailand

Thai fabrics shaire productions/Flickr

Thai fabrics ©shaire productions/Flickr

When you visit a foreign country, it is important to buy some great souvenirs and gifts for your returning. If your next destination is Thailand, you’ve found the right article to read. Some souvenirs, local products or art crafts may be too expensive to afford yourself, especially if you have to buy lots of souvenirs. Well, let me help you with some great gift ideas from Thailand which are quite cheap. Thai silk, clothing, costume jewelry, DVDs and computers are just 5 cheap things to buy in Thailand. All of these make great souvenir and gift ideas for all your beloved ones. Besides, you won’t have to spend a lot of money to make some great surprises to your beloved ones.

Thai silk

Thai silk is a world renowned material. Lots of women all over the world would give anything for a silk scarf. Well, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy Thai silk products. You will find the cheapest Thai silk at the markets. From scarves to shirts, from skirts to jackets and shawls, you will find a large variety of products made of silk here. Visit the Chatuchak Weekend Market for example to buy cheap silk.

Thai silk at Chatuchak Market fitri.agung/Flickr

Thai silk at Chatuchak Market ©fitri.agung/Flickr


Clothing is one of the cheapest things to but in Thailand, especially in Bangkok. You can buy T-shirts, starting from 99 baht ($3.08), shorts for 50 baht ($1.60) or even jeans for 200 baht ($6.20). With thousands of designers, the country also offers unique clothing. So buy yourself something completely unique that no one will wear.

Thai fabrics shaire productions/Flickr

Thai fabrics ©shaire productions/Flickr

Costume jewelry

One of the best buys is costume jewelry. It surely makes an excellent gift for the beloved ones. You can buy costume jewelry starting from about 10 baht (30 cents) at the markets of Bangkok. You’ll find bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces at the same time. Buy some silver earrings at the Chatuchak Weekend Market for just $5. They are fantastic.

Silver earrings toadstool ring/Flickr

Silver earrings ©toadstool ring/Flickr


Yes, you will find authentic DVDs in Thailand for extremely low prices. Before you buy Thai movies on DVD, check if they have English subtitles. You can buy DVDs for just 100 baht ($3.10). Besides, you can also find whole series like Gray’s Anatomy or Lie to Me for just 299 baht ($10.30).


Even computers are very cheap in Thailand. Three of the best places to buy cheap computers are: Union Mall, Fortune Town Mall and Pantip Plaza. They come fully-loaded. Computers can be 100$ cheaper in Thailand that the ones in America and even 200$ cheaper than the ones in Europe.





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